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Our partners - sponsors

The association wishes to express its warmest thanks to the partners who have contributed to the success of its activities and to the sponsors who have supported it financially.

Our partners

Logo de l'AFNU2

The Association Française des Nations Unies (AFNU), through its action to promote the UN and its unifying role, is a recognized authority in its field in France. By referencing our TolMUN conference on its website on its "Youth Page", it offers its support and endorsement to our projects.

logo de la mairie de Tournefeuille
The Tournefeuille Council, a town located west of Toulouse, which witnessed the birth of our young association by hosting its headquarters, has always renewed its confidence and helped it develop by making its premises and municipal equipment available.

logo Sim'Occitanie
The SIM'Occitanie are simulations organised by the association Les Ateliers ludosophiques from Montpellier, which every year bring together high school students from the Occitanie region to reenact the activities of some major institutions (European Parliament, Regional Council, etc.). We are developing a close collaboration between our conferences, which are complementary.

image ASEI
We are very happy to welcome the students of the A.S.E.I. Jean Lagarde Centre in Ramonville-Saint-Agne. Among other things, it is a general and vocational Specialised Secondary Education Centre for young people with physical disabilities, which fulfils a dual mission of schooling and medico-social support.

logo AixMUN
Our new partnership with Aix ONU (MUN association of the Institute for Political Sciences / 'Sciences Po' of Aix-en-Provence), organiser of the Aix MUN conference, illustrates our development at university level. No doubt the expertise of Aix students, in the course of our exchanges and reciprocal contributions in a wide variety of fields, will be most precious on our path towards excellence.

logo ZAMUN
Our new partner, the Bilingual High School of Žilina, in Slovakia, also offers the benefits of a three language component MUN conference : ZAMUN in English, ESMUN in Spanish and FRAC in French. We are delighted to organise our first delegation exchange already in Spring 2019.

Logo de Sud-Ouest Information Technology

Sud-Ouest Information Technology, a Toulouse-based company specialised in consulting and integration of security and network information systems, very kindly provided the equipment and helped set up a network for the TolMUN 1 web-radio conference in 2017.

Our sponsors

Occitania Region Logo
The Occitania Region, to whom we express our warmest thanks, is graciously honouring us with its very precious support, granting us a significant endowment for the Promotion of Citizenship and the Fight against Discrimination. A close partnership is also being considered with the integration of members of its Regional Youth Council (CRJ) into our conferences.

Logo de JetCrystal Ltd.
JetCrystal Ltd, Toulouse branch, an engineering company specialising in water security systems for aeronautics, generously contributed to finance the travel and participation expenses of one of our teams at the FerMUN 2017 conference in Geneva.

Associate Agency, a Toulouse-based company specializing in scientific and technical activities, made a generous donation to the association in 2017 to finance its activities, notably the TolMUN 1 conference.

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