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An association for the youth

“Projets Éducatifs Internationaux - Europe et Nations-Unies” (which means “International Educational Projects - Europe and United Nations” and which acronym is PRÉDI-EURONU) is an independent non-profit organisation of general interest, under the rule of the 1901 Law, registered in Tournefeuille nearby Toulouse.

It was created in the summer of 2016 to offer young people in general international educational activities and projects, in connection with the European Union and the United Nations especially. It is intended more particularly for Higher Education students and pupils from schools under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education (from primary school to high school), as well as for youth organisations ; but it welcomes all young people who, even individually, are curious to participate in projects open to Europe and the world, and to make them thrive.


With due respect for fundamental rights*, the aim of the association is to help the youngsters with their education and personal fulfilment, to spur them on to become proactive and responsible citizens, in their country, in Europe and in the world, by inviting them to :

• acquire a better understanding of peoples, cultures and major European and global issues, by examining how international institutions work,

• make theirs and foster an European and world citizenship,

• reflect further on and promote democratic principles as well as the humanist ideals of respect, tolerance and peace,

• learn to express their ideas and to express themselves better, notably by speaking in public in different languages,

• practise and encourage team work, encounters and exchanges,

• develop their ability to be self-reliant, analyse and think critically,

• welcome, integrate and encourage those among them who are facing difficulties (school dropouts, handicapped children, etc.).


The work of the association is therefore performed in a spirit of very large openness as well as academic and social inclusion ; it naturally wishes to make itself accessible to the majority of youngsters. In this perspective, it offers various activities, adapted to the aspirations and the potential of a large public.

Its leading project, the organization of debate conferences, in particular Model United Nations debates (TolMUN), in Toulouse and its area, promotes very different kinds of skills, beyond debating, linked to reception, the media, etc. It therefore allows youngsters from very different backgrounds, who would not meet otherwise, to work together and collaborate to achieve the same goal.

Quite obviously, the international scale of the association’s projects contributes to this openness by offering the opportunity to meet other young people from all over the world in a privileged setting... or to go out and meet them at home, abroad, at foreign debate conferences.

In addition, the association makes a significant financial effort :

- by offering free membership, which allows, with the Executive Board’s consent, participation in all its projects ; as for the annual membership fee giving access to voting and to its governing bodies, it remains minimal (5€ in 2018) ;

- en s’efforçant de maintenir les frais de participation à ses activ- by striving to keep the participation costs of its activities as low as possible ; upon justification, it offers young people in difficult family and/or financial situations rebates.

In order to achieve this, the association relies on all the support it is entitled to and able to obtain : grants, donations, patronage and crowdfunding.

An association managed by the youth

At PRÉDI-EURONU, self-reliance is not an empty word ! The association is convinced that putting young people in a situation where they are made accountable des jeunes est un des meilleurs outils pour bien les former à leuis one of the best ways to educate them properly for their future adult life and at the same time allow them, here and now, to express themselves, gain confidence, often surpass themselves, sometimes rejoice with amazement at what they have been capable of achieving and, ultimately, just have fun !


This is why the association take great care to encourage the active participation of young people, involving them as much as possible in the creation, the decision-making, the organisation and the management of the activities which it proposes :

- thus, the design, preparation and implementation of the activities that it sets up are largely entrusted to youngsters : regardings MUN debates for instance, the steering committee (Board) manages all the administration, logistics or communication of the event, down to the design and running of this site, of which a team of youths is both web designer and webmaster ; during the conferences, young people chair all the debates in the General Assembly and the Committees, etc.

- among the outside activities in which the association takes part, such as trips to debate conferences abroad, it favours those where young people can enjoy similar conditions.


Finally – this is one of its greatest prides –, the management and leadership of PRÉDI-EURONU association itself are very open to young people : the small membership fee gives them the right, from the age of 16, to sit and vote at the General Assembly, thus to participate fully in the life of the association better still, it offers the possibility of being elected to its Board of Directors and its Executive Board, up to the most senior positions, allowing them to contribute directly to its decisions and influence its policy.

* The Association guarantees its members freedom of conscience and opinion, respect for the principle of non-discrimination and respect for differences, within the remits of the Law, in particular by the laws of 19 December 1905 and 15 March 2004 on secularism, as well as by the Code of Education and the Charter of Secularism at School (Article 5 of the Statutes).

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