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Here's a book which will turn you into a top MUN speaker !

Savoir prendre la parole

It is the result of a method that the artist and film director Stéphane de Freitas has offering young people for several years through training and eloquence contests organized by his association Eloquentia. To learn more, watch this video.

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- De Gaulle, France and the United Nations :

De Gaulle and the UN

Yesterday evening, France5 TV Channel issued a rich and informative documentary on the diplomatic and military battle led by General De Gaulle at the end of the Second World War for France to be granted the right to sit at the UN and to obtain a permanent seat in its Security Council, albeit this had not initially been considered by the Big Three : Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin.

To watch this documentary in replay (until 23 September 2018) :

Yet, De Gaulle is better known for his hostility towards this noble institution, which he did not hesitate to publicly - and very despisingly - describe as "thing" (Nantes speech, 10 September 1960, on the UN's position in Congo)!
In fact, matters are not so simple: the General's changing attitude towards the UN followed a logic that was dear to him from the beginning - that of France's "greatness".
Explanations : L'ONU, une tribune pour la politique gaulienne ? (Maurice Vaïsse,

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