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The rights of minorities worldwide
(ethnic, linguistic, cultural, religious)

19 – 20 – 21 March 2019

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We express our warm thanks to you for your interest in our TolMUN conference, which will gather a maximum of 300 school and university students, end March 2019, in Toulouse.


Registration takes place in three steps :

  1. Advance registration enables you to submit your application to TolMUN 2, with no obligation on your part, using the entry form available above until 20 September 2018 ; it will be examined by our Board and you will receive individual notice of our reply ; a waiting list will also be drawn.
    Advance Registration is now closed. However, you can still apply directly (see below, phase 2), subject to availability.

  2. Registration proper, for those applicants which request has been accepted, will be completed on our online console (cf. link button above), where your MUN Director will need to enter all the requested information accurately.
    A down payment of 30% of the participation fees will be required upon the registration deadline to secure your registration.
    Our Board reserves the right to replace a failing participant by another applicant on the waiting list.
    Registration is officially closed. It will continue for applications in progress and by invitation (reserved places).
    If you would like to participate, please contact directly Mr. Gontier, MUN-Director : and/or 06 86 38 10 91.

  3. Final enrolment of participants which have successfully completed the full registration process will then follow, right to the conference, along the steps indicated in the schedule below.

Note : Except for single enrolments (major students only), registration must be made by the MUN Director who will take on responsibility for the participating group.


Detailed Schedule and Registration Procedures

  • Advance registration : from 20 August to 21 September 2018

    Online Form

  • Last confirmations of participation : 23 September 2018

    By mail to MUN Directors, with their log-in details to the online registration console

  • Registration proper : from 24 September to 21 October 2018

    Online console
    At this stage, will be requested your definitive wishes regarding :
    · options : participation (ou not) in the Sightseeing programme, Accomodation and Transport
    · conference positions : number and types of positions (please attach any additional documents requested)
    · committees and delegations (countries, institutions...) for delegates and committee chairs

  • Payment deadline of the 30% down payment on participation fees : 25 October 2018

    Online console

  • Final Enrolment (phase 1) : from 5 to 25 November 2018

    Online console
    At this stage, will be requested :
    · the necessary personal informations for all participants
    · photos of all participants (for the conference badges)
    · answers to the first questionnaires (notably for Accomodation)

  • Final Enrolment (phase 2) : from 7 to 27 January 2019

    Online console
    At this stage, will be requested:
    · applications from delegates wishing to give their delegation’s Position Speech (PS) at the conference opening ceremony (Head Delegates or Ambassadors)
    · travel information (notably arrival and departure times in/from Toulouse)
    · answers to the other questionnaires (notably those concerning tours and activities for those participants registered for the Sightseeing programme)
    · any orders for conference derivative products

    Complete Schedule of TolMUN : to check it, click here.


    TolMUN is simple and flexible !

    There is no set rule for the number of participants that an school may register... within reasonable limits of course !
    We would like to give the director of each group the ability to register the number of young people which suits him/her best and allows him/her to optimise their travel.
    Above an entire class (ca. 35 students), the TolMUN Board reserves the right to ask the group director to reduce the number of his candidates. Conversely, individual applications are accepted, especially for students above 18. Within this range, all options are possible.

    In addition, you have the opportunity to register your participants for a large variety of positions and, of course, to choose different positions within your group as you wish !

    Here is the list of positions which are available (for details on each of them, see our Positions-Roles page) :

    • General conference positions :
      - Delegate *
      - Committee Chair
      - Translator / Interpreter
      - Journalist (press)
      - Media Operator (photo, video, web radio, IT & social media)
      - MUN Workshop Leader
    • Special positions, for a more targeted public :
      • Positions for the youngest and for newcomers :
      - Admin
      - Lobbyist / Exhibition & Stand Promoter
      - MUN Workshop Participant
      • Positions for vocational students :
      - Reception/Service Assistant
      - Catering Assistant
      - Security Assistant
      - Group Supervisor / Guide (sightseeing)

    * Mark this detail, which may influence the number of delegates requested by every group : each delegation (country, institution or minority) is represented by one delegate only on each committee (for more details on this subject, see the Positions-Roles page).

    Participation fees
    (conference and options)

    Note : These fees are not applicable to schools and institutions which have signed a specific partnership agreement with PRÉDI-EURONU association, manager of the TolMUN conference.

    The fees indicated correspond to maximum amounts. Unless otherwise stated, they may be reduced depending on the subsidies that will be granted to the project and the donations offered by our sponsors.
    They are adjusted according to the type of position chosen by the young participants (thus specific positions which contribute to conference logistics see their costs reduced from the outset).
    The same fees apply to MUN Directors and accompanying adults *. There are no school fees.

    All fees are due in full and in one instalment, by bank transfer or by credit card directly on the payment console, latest on the last day of Registration.

    * In the case of a group of young people holding both general and specific positions, the general rate will apply to the MUN Director and accompanying adults.


    Fees Chart 1


    Fees Chart 2


    Account : Association PRÉDI-EURONU

    Bank : Crédit Agricole Toulouse 31, Agence de Tournefeuille,
    4 boulevard Vincent Auriol, 31170 TOURNEFEUILLE, FRANCE

    IBAN : FR76 1310 6005 0030 0091 1269 026


    N.B.: Please write down the name of your school/institution and of your country on your bank transfer.
    Remember adding any bank transfer fee which may be applied.

    Should you have participants facing financial stress, you may apply for help from our Solidarity Fund : please contact the PRÉDI-EURONU association’s Executive Board at

    Additional Information


    To make your stay even more worthwhile, TolMUN offers as an option, in addition to the MUN conference, an all-inclusive * programme of activities and of discovery of Toulouse and its area.

    You will be welcomed upon arrival, then escorted throughout your stay and until you leave by a small team of local youths. Supervised by 1 or 2 young adults (over 18), who will be your main contacts, the team will guide you during your tours and activities, help you with your dealings with local partners, advise you about the best outings and deals in Toulouse... in short, it will do its best to make your stay a successful and unforgettable experience !

    For more information, visit our Social Events Page.

    * This programme will be of course adapted depending on the wishes of the participants and weather conditions.


    Regarding your stay, you may manage your accommodation yourself or register for our optional housing programme * :

    Out of fairness for all participants, accommodation through our housing programme is fee-paying for all at the same rate (40€ ** per night per person), be it in host families or in a hotel ; this also allows to smooth expenses down for all participants.

    Please keep in mind that the number of host family accommodation is limited ; we cannot guarantee that your group will be hosted in families even if you choose this option first. Priority will be given to participants experiencing financial difficulties and to those registered in our Sightseeing and Activities Programme.

    For more details, visit our Accommodation page.

    * When you register, you will need to choose between self-managed accommodation and our housing programme ; it is not possible to apply for both.
    The TolMUN Board and PRÉDI-EURONU association do not take any responsibility regarding accommodation if the option "self-managed" is chosen. The answer "self-managed" means that the single participant or the whole group, as the case may be, will provide for his/her/their accommodation completely on his/her/their own.
    Participants who have chosen « self-managed » accommodation may still contact us : we keep a non-binding list of hotels and youth hostels available, where participants can benefit from attractive prices.

    ** This rate includes breakfast ; it may be reduced according to the number of families participating in our housing programme.


    For local transport (bus, tram and underground) in Toulouse and its suburbs (Tisséo network), we can provide you with a batch of tickets at a reduced rate, adapted to the three days of the conference ; you can request it when you register online.

    This batch will be handed over to you when you collect your badges, at the meeting place which will be later indicated *.

    Mark ! Participants in our Sightseeing & Activities Programme should not order this card ! Local transport as well as shuttles on arrival and departure are included in their package ; they will receive a weekly transport card at their arrival point, where they will be met by their Supervisors.

    * Note : This batch therefore does not cover travel from your place of arrival (airport, railway station, other) to where you will collect your badges ; we do not guarantee that it will still be useful for your departure.

    If you have any queries or need any help, do not hesitate to Contact us !

    Par Admin le 31/12/2018.