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The rights of minorities worldwide
(ethnic, linguistic, cultural, religious)

Our conference is made up of 5 committees (including a Security Council) and a specific Forum on minority issues.

List of Committees

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* Provisional allocation : the final distribution of the languages of the conference (French, English, Spanish) between the committees will be set depending on participants.

Detail of Committees

Click on (report) to download the Chairs’ Research Papers.

1. General Assembly, Third Committee : Social, Humanitarian and Cultural (SOCHUM)

Chairs : name of Chairs (forthcoming) ;

• Solving the humanitarian issues of minorities caught in wider regional conflicts : the case of the Eastern Horn of Africa. (report)

• Protecting and promoting the linguistic and cultural heritage of minorities, notably indigenous peoples (literature, arts, sciences, lifestyles, laws and customs, traditions, values systems, knowledge and beliefs). (report)

2. General Assembly, Fourth Committee : Special Political and Decolonisation (SPECPOL)

Chairs : name of Chairs (forthcoming) ;

• Defending the rights of minorities claiming independence as part of the decolonisation process and/or folllowing referenda. (report)

• Defending the rights of minorities facing the past, present and coming territorial policies shaping the earth, the seas and the atmosphere : ethnic boundaries and national borders. (report)

3. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) / Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR)

Chairs : name of Chairs (forthcoming) ;

• Developing full and effective participation of minorities in their countries’ economic and social life by fighting against abuses and discrimination related to employment, access to credit or services as well as mechanisms of justice, and against the various forms of social stigma. (report)

• Setting and protecting minority people’s rights over the exploitation of surface and underground natural resources on their lands, over their inclusion in the governance of investment, infrastructure and development programmes, and over the preservation of their local environment. (report)

4. Human Rights Council (HRC)

Chairs : name of Chairs (forthcoming) ;

• Promoting good governance, respectful of the rights and increasing the inclusion and recognition of minorities within the States, while maintaining their own identity. (report)

• Fighting all forms of gender-based discrimination against minority women. (report)

5. Security Council

Chairs : name of Chairs (forthcoming) ;

• Solving local minority conflicts in South East Asia : the Rohyngia and other minority conflicts in Burma. (report)

• Protecting minorities targeted by violence in wider regional conflicts : the case of traditional local communities of Christian and Muslim obedience in the Middle East. (report)

6. Forum on Minority Issues

(linked to Human Rights Council & Secretariat - OHCHR)

Chairs : name of Chairs (forthcoming) ;

• Minority youth : promoting their equal rights to a full, high standard, accessible, inclusive, non-discriminatory education, respectful of their linguistic and cultural differences. (report)

• How should minorities be represented in United Nations organisations ? (report)

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