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Conference Positions/Roles

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At TolMUN, you have the opportunity to register your participants for a wide variety of positions.

General Positions

These comprise the standard MUN conference positions and TolMUN-specific positions :


This is the main position of the conference : some 200 young people embodying diplomats representing a UN member (or observer) country, an international organisation or another group, which role is to negotiate and debate in the conference sessions and, very often, behind the scenes...
The delegates representing the same organisation are grouped into delegations and dispatched among the various debate committees.

Requires some experience of MUN debates, which may be developed during the year for the more mature and motivated students. Even though everyone can speak in the language of their choice, understanding at least 2 of the 3 conference languages is also recommended.

All delegates will be required to submit a written Position Paper (PP) (300 words minimum) outlining the policy of the delegation they represent in relation to their committee's issues. One volunteer delegate per delegation, the Ambassador, will be chosen to deliver a Position Speech (PS) at the opening ceremony.

Delegations include either 1 or 2 members (e.g. delegate from a minority group or an organisation), or 4, 5 or 6 members for countries (depending on the importance of their representation in the committees).
The number of participants which can be registered is therefore very flexible : from 1 (individual registrations) to around 20 (combining several delegations). N.B.: above 25, the institution concerned may be asked to reduce its number of students.
The number of accompanying adults required is approximately 1 for 12 youngsters.

Committee Chair

At the rate of 2 per committee (thus 12 in all), they are the moderators of the debates, in accordance with the procedures, the time allotted and strict personal neutrality.

Committee Chairs will be required to prepare a report outlining their committee's issues (one report each on one or the other of the two proposed issues).

Requires good MUN experience and good understanding of and expression in at least 2 of the 3 conference languages ; a cover letter with appropriate CV elements should be sent at the time of registration.

The best candidates will be considered for positions in the Presidency of the conference itself (e.g. President of the General Assembly, Special Rapporteur...).

Translator / Interpreter

In a multilingual conference, being able to translate the debates orally (simultaneously from equipped booths) and the records of the conference (resolutions, magazine, etc.) in writing is fundamental - this is the task of interpreters and translators (about 15 in all).

Participating institutions are therefore strongly encouraged to support TolMUN's trilingualism by providing interpreters and/or translators, all the more so that this is a very rewarding experience for those who want to improve their language skills.

Previous experience in this field is not mandatory. They will only need to have a good command of at least 2 of the 3 conference languages, written, oral or both, and to be able to translate from one to another at least.

To prepare themselves thoroughly and allow effective distribution (in committees, the press, etc.), they will be required to undertake the specialised training exercises proposed by the two conference Heads of Languages (1 English-speaking, 1 Spanish-speaking).

Journalist (press)

Under the supervision of a Chief Editor who will assign them their tasks - and possibly assisted by professionals - some 10 youths will cover the conference : interviews, writing articles for the magazine... A different approach to MUN !

Understanding and being able to write in several languages is not essential, but represents an asset, because the press team will be chosen in such a way that it comprises fluent speakers in the 3 languages of the conference. Translators will also be allotted to the team.

Previous experience or press work will be appreciated. In all cases, a detailed letter of motivation must be sent at the time of registration.

Media Operator (photo, video, web radio, IT & social media)

Split by specialties and in the committees, and supervised by a Chief Operator – perhaps also by media professionals – about 15 youngsters will supplement the press team (e.g. photos for the magazine), assist the computer experts, or carry out their own work (video clips of the conference, news reports, possibly web-radio).

Individual registrations allowed (with parents' approval for under 18s).

No language requirements. On the other hand, media experience is highly valued. A motivation letter with appropriate CV elements should therefore be sent at the time of registration.

MUN Workshop Leader

This position consists, alone or in pairs, in taking on a group of some 20 young people to make them discover MUN and eager to participate ; beyond, to acquaint them with the UN and with the major issues it deals with.

MUN experience, fluent French (since workshop participants will come mainly from the Toulouse area), motivation, creativity and pedagogical skills (for the preparation and implementation of activities) are required ; this position is intended above all for those who wish to share their passion !

Individual applications possible (with parents' agreement for under 18s) ; maximum 12 places. A letter of motivation with some appropriate CV elements will need to be sent at the time of registration.

Special Positions

These are positions for a more targeted public.

1. Positions for the youngest (middle school students, schoolchildren) and for newcomers, mainly from the local area :


They are the little helping hands of the conference : supervised and dispatched by a Head of Admins, some 20 youngsters are assigned, especially in committees and plenary sessions, to help the Chairs manage the debates (counting votes, passing on messages...).

Since they require no experience other than some acquaintance with basic MUN rules, quickly assimilated during the year if need be, they are particularly intended for beginners and for the youngest who wish to participate and to learn while listening and observing, in actual context, the debates in which they would like to participate later as delegates. A good training for MUN, which requires motivation, discipline, self-denial and... endurance (Admins are always on the move) !

Group registrations are preferred, for one or more of the 3 conference days, i.e. a maximum of 3 groups.

Lobbyist / Exhibition & Stand Promoter

This position involves teamwork : a small group of youngsters plays the role of a pressure group which, through its work (exhibition boards, brochures, flyers displayed on a stand, video clips...) and its canvassing during the conference, explains and defends a cause related to its themes.

A way to discover MUN in a different way, no previous experience necessary. Requires only research, strong motivation and creativity.

Being able to produce work and express oneself in several languages is not necessary, but will prove to be a great asset.

Registration for the whole duration of the conference only (3 days). Due to the limited number of places available (4 or 5), a presentation of the stand/exhibition project must be submitted by each candidate group at the time of registration.

MUN Workshop Participant

The registered youngsters (preferably in class groups) will be dispatched in one or more workshops where other experienced youths and guest speakers will introduce them to the UN, to MUN and to various issues they deal with, in connection with human rights. They will also be introduced to the procedures and techniques of the debates through situation-based activities ; they will finally be given the opportunity to observe on the spot real debates held in the conference committees.

Intended for newcomers who wish not only to discover, but also to familiarize themselves with MUN in order to fully participate later.

Each workshop, of about 20 young people, will last half a day (around 2 hours), on Tuesday 19 March afternoon, Wednesday 20 March morning, or 20 March afternoon. At the rate of 2 workshops per half day, 6 workshops are scheduled in all.

2. Positions reserved for local vocational schools :

For more information, contact us directly

Reception/Service Assistant

Catering Assistant

Security Assistant

Group Supervisor and Guide (Sightseeing)

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