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TolMUN is much more than
just a MUN conference !

Around the 3 days of debates of the conference itself, various outings and activities are organized, including the traditional “MUN party”. Better still - this is one of our particular features - we offer our participants the opportunity to spend more time together and to enhance their stay by offering them a programme of discovery of Toulouse, its region and Occitania.

Here are already its main features.



Optional, it includes a comprehensive programme of guided tours on the days before and after the conference.
Registered participants will be divided up into small groups of about ten and escorted by their adult Supervisor and a small team of local youths (details on the Registration page) who will show them around Toulouse : visits to the main monuments, museums and tourist attractions, strolls through the picturesque streets of the city centre, targeted shopping where local specialities and good bargains may be found, etc.
Beyond, for your free outings, they will advise you on the friendly bars where to have a drink, the restaurants where to eat well at a reasonable price or, more generally, all the good plans for whom wants to spend a pleasant moment in the "Rose Coloured City".
In short, everything to make your stay, in addition to your MUN, wonderful !

As the conference will take place on Tuesday 19, Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 March 2019 all day long - with the MUN party on Thursday 21 evening - basically, 3 days of visiting are planned over 3 other days of the week : Monday 18, Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March 2019*.
Monday 18 and Friday 22 will be devoted to guided tours and activities, Saturday 23 to strolling and shopping.


Here are some examples of sightseeing activities we are preparing for you :

- visits of Toulouse and its area :

. first of all the old and traditional Toulouse : with some must-see monuments, like the Saint-Sernin basilica, the church of the Jacobins Convent, the Capitole (Town Hall), or some Renaissance mansions (Hôtel d'Assezat, Hôtel du Vieux-Raisin)...
To get to know the city and its Occitan cradle in greater depth, visits to the Musée du Vieux-Toulouse (Old Toulouse Museum), the Musée des Augustins and the ‘Ostal d’Occitània’ (House of Occitania) will also be on offer.

. and also the modern Toulouse with outings to the Cité de l'Espace (Space City) and its 2,500 m2 of interactive exhibitions (space simulators, IMAX® cinema, Planetarium, visit to the MIR station) or to the Aeronautics Museum Aéroscopia displaying legendary aircraft (including the Concorde), as well as an exceptional visit to the Airbus aircraft assembly sites.
In connection with these visits, we are preparing technological or flight control workshops…


- strolls in town :

The guided tours will take place during city walks and will be enlivened by urban rallies and treasure hunts, which will make you discover many other jewels of the "Rose Coloured City", from the breathtaking view on the 17th century Pont Neuf (New Bridge), the dome of the Chapelle de la Grave (Chapel of the River Bank) and the Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques (the first hospital in Toulouse that has survived the centuries since the Middle Ages and reminds us that the city is an important stop on the Way of Saint James) to the latest creations of Street Art.
Moreover, weather permitting, nature tours by bike or by gyropod are planned in some gardens (Jardin des Plantes, Prairie des Filtres) and along the banks of the Garonne River and the canals (notably the Canal du Midi, linking the Mediterranean and Toulouse, a major work by Pierre-Paul Riquet, engineer of Louis XIV, and the second biggest construction site of the kingdom after Versailles).

- as an option, more specialised activities :

For example, in partnership with clubs (we are hoping for the prestigious Stade Toulousain), rugby workshops – for this sport is iconic of the city and of all Occitania –, and a meeting with professional players.


- not to forget shopping, which is also a speciality of Toulouse.

Very dynamic, the city is the hometown of a few renowned brands and also counts many young designers ; the human-sized city centre is easy and pleasant to explore, and the great diversity of shops makes it an ideal place for window-shopping.
Your escorts will take you to the stores on Saint-Rome and Alsace-Lorraine streets, which offer the latest fashion in ready-to-wear, accessories and cosmetics, or the urban look street wear boutiques on Cujas, Filatiers or Tourneurs streets, or the vintage clothes shops on Place de la Bourse, and on Sainte-Ursule and Peyrolières streets…
They will also propose to you some targeted shopping : the Macarel store (Occitan souvenirs), the boutiques Fleurée de Pastel or Terre de Pastel (original range of products - textiles but also cosmetics and perfumes - linked to pastel, a plant which exquisite sky blue dye made the city's fortune from the 16th to the 18th century), or the Maison de la Violette (an eye-catching shop on a barge, dedicated to the violet, the emblematic flower of Toulouse, which enjoyed its time of glory in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when its delicate scent was highly sought after by florists and perfumers ; nowadays, it is also made into a confectionery because, once crystallized, violets can be tasted like candy).


Among all these activities, apart from a few musts, you will be able to choose the ones that you prefer. Our logistics team and your supervisors will be on hand to advise and guide you.

Still wondering ?

Here are 5 good reasons to come to Toulouse !

- A pleasure for the eyes : a city of tiles and brick rather than stone, nicknamed the “Rose Coloured City” for its colourful facades to which the evening light adds golden hues, Toulouse has a unique character and charm, typical of its region, which catch the eye at every street corner, in addition to its rich architectural heritage. Walks in the narrow streets and squares of the different districts of the city centre (Saint-Pierre, Capitole, Saint-Georges, Esquirol, Trinité, Carmes...), each with its own distinctive style, will delight you !

- A scientific adventure : first came Clément Ader, pioneer of aviation in the 19th century, then Latécoère and the Aéropostale, the first transatlantic airline in which Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, among others, illustrated himself ; more recently, in the 1960s-1970s, the Centre National d'Études Spatiales or CNES (National Centre for Space Studies) and the Aérospatiale company (builder of the Concorde and the Ariane rocket) which has since become the unmissable Airbus. Today, many schools and sites welcome aviation and space enthusiasts.

- convivencia and festa : Toulouse is friendly, welcoming and festive. Its inhabitants will delight you with their "chanting accent" singing the joy of living. We love strolling around the market, ‘chaching’ (chating) on the Garonne quayside, lingering on the terraces of cafés and in the ‘estanquets’ (bars) where ‘cantèras’ (convivial songs in which everyone participates) will soon be improvised... in short, taking the time to enjoy life. At a bar, in a discotheque, in a concert or during a rugby match, any occasion is worth celebrating !

- A paradise for gourmets : with its local and regional specialities : cassoulet with Toulouse sausage, foie gras, goosse or duck confit, sheep's cheese from the neighbouring Pyrenees, wines from the Fronton area, which vines date back to the Gallo-Roman era, Armagnac, chocolatines (chocolate croissants), fénétra (meringue pastry with almonds and candied fruit), etc., Toulouse is an undisputed stopover in the south-west where epicures are in for a treat !

- Nature at the heart : from Compans-Caffarelli with its Japanese Garden to the Muséum with the Jardin des Plantes and the Jardin Royal, passing by the Jardin Raymond VI on the other bank of the river, countless are the parks and gardens of Toulouse, ideal for relaxation, just like the banks of the Garonne with the Prairie des Filtres or the Daurade harbour, or those, lined with plane trees, of the Canal du Midi and the Canal de Brienne, with their barges.


Finally, as an extra and on condition (depending mainly on demand** and the rates we will be able to negotiate), we are considering the option, yet more ambitious, of organizing themed tours beyond the Toulouse area, further out in Occitania, , for ½ day or a full day (the weekend preceding the conference, Saturday 16 or Sunday 17 March, or Sunday 24 March) : for instance,
- boat tour on the Canal du Midi
- Carcassonne, a Middle Ages fortified town
- Cathar fortresses (Montségur & Puivert)
- Foix and the Prehistoric caves of Ariège
- Narbonne and the Mediterranean
- The Medieval cities of Cordes and Albi
- Auch and the Gers, home of the musketeer d'Artagnan
- Lourdes and the Pyrenees.


* In this case, participants in the Sightseeing programme would arrive in Toulouse on Sunday 17 March and return home on Sunday 24 March 2019.
** Do not hesitate to tell us what you think of these tours or any wishes you may with regard to them.

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